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Our aim with every project is to improve our customers’ productivity and profits. We achieve this goal through our superior products, excellence in service and commitment to our customers.

We guarantee that our equipment, solutions and services will reduce your downtime. When you work with us, you’ll have an end-to-end solution for your food processing needs – meaning we do it all.

We use a six-step process with our customers:

  1. Needs assessment and consultation
  2. Design
  3. Custom manufacturing
  4. Precision installation
  5. Quality control
  6. Service and maintenance

Needs assessment and consultation

Perhaps you don’t know exactly what your manufacturing requirements are. Maybe you don’t know about the options available to you. We take time to understand your specific needs now and into the future. With a strong network of industry partners and in-house fabrication capabilities, we’ll find a creative solution that is a ‘best-fit’ for your company.

Versatile Design/Engineering/Consulting

When we fully assess your unique food processing needs, we can custom design any system. We have the flexibility to provide a perfectly integrated system with processing capacities from 100lbs/hr to 100,000 lbs/hr. Every design is backed by our decades of practical experience.

Custom Manufacturing – skilled technicians in-house & stainless steel fabrication

Put in-house technicians and master craftsman with years of industry-specific skills into a state-of-the-art machine shop and you have and you have a world-class production site. As a result, Mosur customers get the highest quality systems available in the food industry.

Mosur provides custom stainless steel fabrication and the manufacturing of sophisticated food processing material handling equipment.

Quality Control

Once the manufacturing process is completed, the equipment must pass rigorous testing to meet our stringent quality control requirements.

Delivery and Precision Installation

Your food equipment or system will be delivered to your plant or facility to meet your timelines. Our highly qualified technicians will integrate the systems we manufacture into your plant to your satisfaction. Whether setting up new equipment or upgrading existing systems, we’ll use our experience to complete the job, on-time and on-budget.

Maintenance and Supplies – Never lose a processing day

You’ve invested in your processing system. You want it to run smoothly – without a hiccup. Our service technicians respond quickly and attend to repairs effectively, reducing costly downtime. We’re committed to preventative maintenance and we’ll train your machine operators to keep your equipment in top working order. As authorized distributors of our major manufacturing partners, we hold a large inventory of parts and supplies.

Preventative Maintenance – for significant cost savings

Preventative maintenance centres around good lubrication practices. Consistent maintenance protects equipment, extends its life and enhances operating efficiencies.

Well-maintained food equipment ensure your plant runs efficiently, functions correctly and helps ensure production of safe foods while providing a means to document performance.

Mosur’s long standing partnership with JAX Inc. a leading manufacturer of Food Grade Lubricants, has given our staff extensive knowledge on food grade lubricants for various applications.

JAX Inc. has over 130 CFIA / Health Canada approved lubricants for the food and beverage processing industry.

Lube-guard Programs – know your machines lubricant needs

Mosur Machine can recommend crossover lubricants from any manufacturing and implement a lube-guard program which, uses color-coded wall charts, equipment tags and containment systems to clearly identify each product and its proper application. This ensures that your plant maintenance team knows the correct lubricant and proper lubrication frequency for each piece of machinery.

Additional Services

In the event that you have special needs, we also provide

Millwright & Welding
Production Line Modifications
Machinery Rebuilds
Machining Parts for Repair or Replacement

Contact us to find out how we can make your processes smoother, faster, safer, and more efficient.